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Top Rated Dj Dance Songs

Random Access Memories

Random Access Memories is the new album from Daft Punk. Collaborators include Nile Rodgers, Chilly Gonzalez, Giorgio Moroder, Julian Casablancas, Pharrell Williams, Paul Williams, Todd Edwards, Panda Bear and DJ Falcon.

Consumer Reviews
  • “There are some absolutely perfect songs on this album, and the package as a whole is very good.” – Michael J Walton
  • “I never really listened to Daft Punk much…and that may be a the thing that helped me like this album even more.” – Nep Eman
  • “The album was so great, and I have been listening to it over and over again since the day of it’s release.” – Jonathon


Madonna is the biggest female star in the world and Music one of the biggest releases of the year. Continuing the electronic dance-pop of 1998′s Ray Of Light, Madonna produced Music with French dance sensation Mirwais, Ray Of Light’s William Orbit, Mark Spike Stent (Bjork, Oasis, Beth Orton) and others.

Buying Guides
  • “Sometimes you have to listen an entire CD to really like it, or sometimes an album only has one good song, well NOT THIS ONE.” – Lucia Sgouros
  • “Madonna’s new album "Music" is by far the most artistically interesting work to come from mainstream pop this year.” – g-slam
  • “It’s not worth the buck.” – Rosa

Clarity Deluxe (2LP)

Deluxe double vinyl LP edtion.2012 release from German Electronic/Dance producer Anton Zaslavski AKA Zedd. He primarily produces in the electro house genre but has branched out, drawing influences from progressive house, complextro and Dubstep.

Expert Advice
  • “If you are at all skeptical about buying it, just look it up on youtube and listen for awhile.” – shatteredsword
  • “This album is the best album I’ve heard all year.” – M
  • “Great music and a great selection of guest vocals.” – Chad

Tomorrow's Harvest

The idolized and enigmatic duo are back. After considerable speculation by their rabid fan base (not to mention the media following every step of the way), Boards of Canada have revealed that their new album Tomorrow s Harvest will be released on June 11 via their long time home, Warp Records.

Expert Advice
  • “With masterpieces Music Has The Right To Children, Geogaddi, and The Campfire Headphase, Boards of Canada had a mainline into childhood.” – J. Hubner
  • “I think it’s awesome and I’m taking my time getting to know this album.” – Moronic Ray Jackson
  • “Highly recommend to any fan of real electronic music.” – IK

Cha-Cha Slide


Dj Dance Songs Reviews
  • “I highly recommend this CD whether one is trying to get into good physical shape, or you are trying to maintain good physical conditioning.” – James H. Williams
  • “Me and my three year olds at daycare love this CD.” – Jessica L. Williams
  • “This is a good song for people who don’t get much exercise like myself.” – “ginthelexo”


1.Wake Me Up2.You Make Me3.

  • “Avicii did a great job recreating this song, but making it a house song, instead of “Baroque pop” style of song, with vocals by Linnea Henriksson.” – EDMe
  • “After this purchase I went ahead and bought the whole album!!!!” – Elly
  • “Avicii album True is very different music then I usually listen too.” – dusdob

Now That's What I Call Dance Classics

2009 release, the latest installment in the popular Now brand series. To date, the Now series has generated sales of over 200 million albums worldwide, and has sold over 74 million copies in the United States since its debut.

Consumer Guide
  • “Great dance music that never dies.” – Dawn Dawson
  • “I needed some music that would motivate me during my workouts, and it has really made exercising much more fun.” – Erin M. Smith
  • “It has a nice random selection of various dance hits from MC to more recent hits.” – Brian J. Ratzel

Ultimate Dance Party  Volume 1

CD packaged in a standard jewel case.


Kaskade is to EDM (electronic dance music) what sugar is to cookie dough. Without the two ingredients combined, the results would be indigestible. Luckily for us, there is no need to diet just yet.

Product Reviews
  • “This is classic Kaskade, with lots of female vocals and nice melodies.” – Y. Vorobyev
  • “While some newer fans of Kaskade might not appreciate this album, I found it very enjoyable.” – redwngs13
  • “It is a sneakily strong track that really changes the feeling of the album up to this point.” – H. Le

More Dirty Dancing
Consumer Reports
  • “I highly recommend buying this cd if you want to hear all of the great music from the movie.” – C. Ericson
  • “I have watched the movie numerous times, and love it every time!” – mytega
  • “Patrick Swayze moves in or baby like a jungle cat in his tight dance belt, and she is hopeless to withstand his advances.” – J’mel Davidson

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